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Natural disasters are devastating... 

...and long term recovery can be very challenging.


You need a trusted resource.

H2Bravo is ready to shoulder the load and collaborate through...

Quick and Capable Mobilization

With an experienced core team, we’ve deployed 300 people in 10 days.


H2Bravo has devoted the last 20 years to disaster recovery and build more resilient communities.

Through our experience, we have found what works and can tailor it to your community.

Resilient Rebuilds

We work with you to not only help survivors recover, but we rebuild to help disaster from striking again.


Communities should not just recover - We can rebuild stronger.

As Louisiana natives, we know the hardship of disaster and the need for quick recovery. That’s why H2Bravo devotes our entire focus to the full spectrum of disaster recovery and building more resilient communities.


Veteran-owned and construction-focused, we balance taking charge and following instruction. We also know the importance of getting the job done quickly and correctly when others are depending on you.

H2Bravo has fulfilled crucial roles in over 20 major recovery efforts.


Partial Repair and Essential Power for Sheltering (PREPS)

As a result of Hurricane Harvey, the State of Texas experienced significant widespread in

major developed areas of the state.

Louisiana Shelter At Home Program (FEMA STEP Program)

In August 2016, the State of Louisiana experienced the most significant widespread flooding that ever occurred in the state.

NYC Build It Back Program

Hurricanes aren’t too common in New York. But Irene left up to 5ft in homes in 2011. And Hurricane Sandy was the last straw. Residents were frustrated and local officials were stumped.

Hurricane Ike Housing Recovery Program Rounds 1 & 2

H2Bravo supported SETRPC with program and construction management of over 1500 single and multifamily housing units.


Your communities deserve more than routine recovery.


Choose H2Bravo and let’s build more resilient communities together. 

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