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NYC Build It Back Program | NYC Office of Management and Budget - Housing Recovery Office


As part of the $2.2B housing recovery program from Hurricane Sandy, H2Bravo was contracted to develop the initial program design, program policy and financial architecture for New York City’s Housing Recovery Office (HRO) through the Build it Back Program.  H2Bravo was also selected to provide construction management services to facilitate the repair, elevation and reconstruction of some of homes in some of the most challenging residential areas of New York, such as the below-grade Sheepshead Bay Courts and the island community of Broad Channel.  Our team was also engaged to provide consulting services to the City, such as the assisting with the creation of the Resilient Edgemere Community Plan with the City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, developing the City’s unique Acquisition, Buyout and relocation program and providing professional services such as the review of construction contractor invoices.  H2Bravo’s engagement with the City to assist with its recovery from Hurricane Sandy was one of its longest continuing projects, lasting from the development of early pre-disaster plans in 2012 prior to Sandy, through the closeout of the program in 2021.  This engagement led to the development of many best practices that have been recognized by HUD for the implementation of CDBG-DR programs in highly regulated dense, urban environments.


• $1.3B



• 2021

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