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Principal in Charge / Chief Executive Officer


Kyndal Bruce

Kyndal is H2Bravo’s Principal in Charge and is responsible for client management, strategic direction, and company financial management. Kyndal began working in disaster recovery in 2008 after Hurricane Katrina and has worked closely with federal and state agencies to develop key financial management components of both CDBG-DR and FEMA programs. Kyndal’s expertise incudes:

  • Working with grantees to develop and implement financial controls and budgets for large scale programs.

  • Developing audit and compliance protocols to ensure federal reimbursement.

  • Developing customized reports to facilitate the management of programs & easy reporting in platforms like DRGR. 

  • IT System design & deployment.

  • Developing protocols for invoice reviews and project closeout.

Principal / Chief Operating Officer

Heather Brothers

Heather is H2Bravo’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for managing H2Bravo’s day to day business, including overseeing our projects, staff, and physical locations. Heather began working in disaster recovery in 2008 and her experience spans multiple recovery and resiliency projects in Texas, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, and Louisiana. Heather’s areas of focus include:


  • Managing large scale housing construction programs through their entire life cycle.

  • Ensuring compliance with federal environmental regulations.

  • Ensuring that recovery programs deliver results on schedule by managing projects through each process step.

  • Oversight of building contractors and confirming that work was completed in a compliant manner.

  • Interfacing with floodplain managers, building officials, designers, and other stakeholders to ensure projects meet program requirements.

  • Developing and implementing data systems and reports to manage projects to completion.

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