Mark Howard



Mr. Howard is the Principal of H2Bravo and is a Program Manager for disaster recovery housing programs.  He has over 25 years of experience in disaster recovery with HUD CDBG-DR and FEMA housing recovery programs, spanning all aspects of the program management and construction process.  His experience stems from key disaster recovery programs in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina, where he assembled and developed project teams, and implemented complicated housing construction programs worth more than $2B in Federal funding.  Mr. Howard has extensive experience with organizational leadership and operational design, with the capability to lead and manage large staff sections to accomplish a multitude of program tasks focused on effective and compliant program delivery.  He is a subject matter expert on housing recovery programs, specifically with the program design and implementation of CDBG-DR construction programs.

Mr. Howard has held key leadership positions at the Federal, State, and community level, serving in the role of Project Director various companies and as the State Hazard Mitigation Officer for the State of Louisiana for 4 years.

Mr. Howard also holds the rank of Colonel in the Louisiana National Guard and is the Commander of the 139th Regional Support Group, responsible for the leadership and management of 3 battalions and over 2,200 soldiers providing key emergency response, search and rescue, and commodities distribution to Louisiana communities during emergencies.  His key leadership traits developed in the military have transitioned to his civilian career, employing many of the Army values and the dedication to mission accomplishment.


Chad Herndon




Mr. Herndon is an experienced Project and Construction Manager with over 15 years managing Federal funded disaster recovery programs. Mr. Herndon has managed over $1B in Federal disaster recovery housing projects from program design through completion of construction utilizing both FEMA and HUD CDBG-DR funds. He ensures that all of the aspects of the project plan are coordinated and executed to ensure timely progress and compliance with program requirements. With key capabilities in construction, project management, and strong leadership, he has the proven ability to motivate project teams to accomplish complicated projects and deliver a quality product. 

Mr. Herndon is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Louisiana National Guard, Commander of the 205th Engineer Battalion, and is the main effort for the southeast Louisiana area during state emergencies. 


Kyndal Bruce


Ms. Bruce has 10 years of experience with accounting, project administration, and program controls for Federal funded grant programs and private sector projects.  Her responsibilities include creation of project accounts, preparation of project budgets, projections of expenditures, staffing plans and work breakdown schedules for all project cost and schedule controls, developing schedule and cost reports, reconciling project funding and budgets with clients, and develop budget and cost reports that define budget categories, obligations, change orders, payments, and forecasts for all projects assigned.  She is also responsible for tracking change orders, invoicing, collecting aged receivables, and procurement of subcontractors.  She has expertise in the overall set up, management, and accounting for Federal grant programs, working closely with program monitors and auditors to ensure compliance with program regulations.


Reid Bruce, JD



Mr. Bruce has over 11 years of project management experience with FEMA and HUD CDBG disaster recovery programs, specializing in policy development, management processes, program compliance, and fraud prevention.  He is a seasoned Project Manager capable of delivering the scope, schedule, and budget for HUD CDBG projects including client interface, program design, environmental management, construction process development, compliance with HUD rules and regulations, project coordination with government entities, and improving communication between stakeholders.  Mr. Bruce began working in the CDBG disaster recovery program management and compliance field after his family on the Gulf Coast was significantly impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, he practiced law and specialized in complex housing, insurance, and construction fraud litigation.

Project Partners


Heather Brothers


Ms. Brothers is a Project Manager and has been working as a grant administrator on HUD CDBG-DR funded projects continuously since 2008. This CDBG-DR experience spans across several states including Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. She has developed expertise transversely through involvement and management of disaster recovery programs containing large-scale scattered site projects, multi-family housing, environmental review, policy development, program implementation, quality assurance, labor standards, fair housing and construction management. In addition to her proven ability to implement CDBG-DR projects, she has been instrumental in the development of these programs for sub-recipients, including the development of critical processes and removal of barriers to the successful delivery of funds to individual projects. She has been the Program Manager for several Disaster Recovery Housing Assistance Programs including Single Family Owner-Occupied, Single Family Rental, Multi-family Rental, and Slum and Blight Demolition. Ms. Brothers’ depth of experience is a critical resource due to her vast library of lessons learned and ability to identify opportunities for increased efficiency. Of note, one of Ms. Brothers’ CDBG-DR projects produced a multi-day audit with no findings and received praise from HUD.


Cody Lewis



Mr. Lewis is a Project Controls and Compliance Manager with extensive experience with managing applicant interface and financial aspects of housing recovery programs.  Mr. Lewis has a background and project experience in compliance monitoring, financial controls, analysis, and reporting.  Mr. Lewis leads project controls and financial compliance teams responsible for working with applicants to ensure compliance with program requirements, managing file systems, data systems, and client reporting.  As part of the housing recovery programs, he leads the contractor pay application processing team, processing more than 8,000 pay applications for payment to construction contractors with no audit findings. 


Jen Smith


Ms. Smith has extensive experience with project operations, production and project oversight for government funded housing recovery programs. This experience includes preparing staffing plans, work breakdown schedules and process implementation. She manages the day to day tasks accomplished by Disaster Recovery Program staff members. Ms. Smith regularly analyzes work flow and sets schedules to ensure completion of work on schedule and within budget. She designs front-end end user solutions within IT databases to support workflow and project tracking and develops Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation for all processes.


Shane Rauh, CFM



Mr. Rauh is an experienced disaster recovery and emergency management professional with over 15 years’ experience managing federal grant programs and more than 20 years’ experience leading and mentoring team members. He was Louisiana’s State Hazard Mitigation Officer (SHMO) through 4 presidentially declared disasters and responded to 7 natural disasters as a member of the Louisiana National Guard. Extensive experience in managing disaster operations, disaster recovery programs, and controlling the activities of multi-million dollar projects from concept to completion.


Drew Sweet


Mr. Sweet is an experienced Project and Construction Manager with over 10 years of experience managing the development, delivery, and construction of disaster recovery programs. Mr. Sweet was a key manager for the construction operations for the NYC Build It Back Program, managing the pre-construction operations for over 8,000 storm damaged homes. He has a key focus on construction design and implementation, providing the leadership and skills to manage multiple inspectors, architects, and construction contractors. He ensures that all aspects of the project plan are coordinated and executed to ensure timely progress and compliance with program requirements. With key capabilities in construction, project management, and resolving issues, he has the proven ability to accomplish complicated projects and deliver a quality product.


Vincent Giambattista



Mr. Giambattista has over 20 years of construction project management experience. He is driven to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with customers, vendors and service providers. Vincent has led the construction of new home building projects, managed multi-million dollar projects while supervising a team of workers. He has also managed installation of roadways and infrastructure within entire residential communities. His skill set also entails training and mentoring managers, construction workers, general laborers and apprentices.


Bryan Carter


Mr. Carter is an Environmental Subject Matter Expert with experience in operational planning, project implementation, and database management.  As the recent Special Projects Manager for the Texas Rebuilds PREPS program, he worked directly with program management to develop and implement program protocols.  Mr. Carter’s effective communication skills and ability to accomplish tasks across a wide variety of disciplines have provided him with the opportunity to successfully manage and implement disaster and coastal recovery projects.