About Us

Who We Are

H2Bravo was founded in 2013 as a Program and Construction Management firm with an emphasis on disaster recovery programs and projects for U.S. military agencies.  Our work has taken us around the country where we have implemented programs for an array of state and local governments.  We have since expanded into commercial and residential construction and the remediation and disposal of dangerous and hazardous materials.  Time and again, we have proven our ability to tackle our clients’ most difficult and novel problems.

Our unique corporate culture and business organization is based on the strong rapport and common vision of our principal owners and leadership team. With traits, characteristics, and values derived from our service in the United States Army and the National Guard, we have successfully applied our training and experiences to large- and small-scale projects in need of those characteristics.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to deliver planning and program management services to state and local governments to facilitate the rapid housing recovery of a community after natural disasters.

By formulating actionable implementation methods for programs that are accessible to victims of natural disasters, we work to quickly facilitate both the short and long-term recovery of homeowners and rental property owners while employing cost-effective risk-mitigation strategies that reduce the likelihood of future loss. Our primary goal is to implement realistic solutions that allow impacted residents to quickly return to their homes after disasters while simultaneously empowering homeowners and their communities following a disaster. We also strive to provide affordable housing options to low/moderate income families, Veterans, and other Americans that desire a better life for themselves and their families.

Our Philosophy

H2Bravo exists to help our clients succeed. For this reason, we believe it is our client that has ownership of the success of each project that we help implement.  We are, and will remain, quiet professionals.  Clients choose us not as a result of favors or political gamesmanship, but because our proven results show us to be the most capable team for the job.  Our team strives to assess, plan, and execute in a manner that is suitable for any type of project.  When challenged with a project, we apply leadership at the decisive point that contributes materially to our mission success.

What’s more, our team’s core leadership is comprised primarily of military first responders and the victims of past natural disasters. As such, we understand and appreciate the loss experienced by homeowners and we strive to execute all of our programs with both compassion and efficiency, elements that are often absent in large-scale federally funded disaster recovery efforts.